Family Support Services of North Florida, Inc. Invitation to Negotiate (ITN)

Family Support Services of North Florida, Inc.

ITN-ITSS-018 for IT Services and Support

(Submission Deadline: 7/11/18 - 2:00 PM EDT)  *Updated*


Addendum 1 to ITN-ITSS-018


Response to Inquiries to ITN-ITSS-018


Addendum 2 to ITN-ITSS-018


ITN-ITSS-018 Posting of Responses


ITN-ITSS-018 Ranking of Replies


Addendum 3 to ITN-ITSS-018


Addendum 4 to ITN-ITSS-018


Addendum 5 to ITN-ITSS-018

Click links to download application packet and additional documents.

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