Children and Families Operating Procedure (CFOP) Children and Families Operating Procedure (CFOP)


CFOP 170-7: 
CFOP 170-7 covers clarifications and expectations for safety planning. Main topics include development of safety plans, safety plans involving intimate partner violence, and family made arrangements. 170-1 also includes establishment of conditions for return and visitation, and management of safety plans through reunification and safe case closure.  Click here for training.

CFOP 170-9: 
CFOP 170-9 covers updates to family assessment and case planning. Included in this update are new standards for family engagement, as well as expectations for case planning responsibilities. This operating procedure also addresses case transfer staffing engagement, progress update requirements, and safe case closure.  Click here for training.

CFOP 170-11 Chapter 4: 
CFOP 170-11 Chapter 4 covers child placement agreements. This includes the definition of a placement agreement, when one is necessary, who is responsible for completing it, and how it is maintained. This operating procedure also covers the roles and responsibilities for child placement agreements and a review of the documentation required. Click here for training.

2017 Child Placement Agreements FSFN Enhancement - Click here for training

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