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Kinship Care Services
This is Kinship Care

Kinship care is the full-time nurturing and protection of a child or children by adults who have an existing relationship and bond with the children when local courts have determined the need to remove the children from their home.

For their safety and well-being. FSS is here to assist and support you as you provide a safe, happy and healthy home to the child placed in your care.

FSS thanks you for opening your home and your heart to a child in need.

This is FSS

Family Support Services of North Florida (FSSNF) is the lead agency for foster care, kinship care, adoption and family preservation in Duval and Nassau counties.

We partner with five local agencies to serve our children and families: Children's Home Society, Daniel, Jewish Family and Community Services, Mental Health Resource Center, and Neighbor To Family.

Immediate Assistance

One of our FSS Kinship Care Specialists will reach out to new kinship caregivers within five days of children being placed in the home. The FSS Specialist will serve as a liaison between you and your caseworker.

Convenient, Helpful Service

FSS kinship care specialists offer two convenient ways to meet with new kin- ship caregivers to answer questions, provide helpful information and guide you to valuable resources:

• In-home visits

• Office visits at FSS

Information and Resources

Our kinship care specialists are a wealth of information and assistance:

• provide a FSS resource packet to new kinship caregivers

• help you navigate the child welfare system

• provide links to helpful agencies and service providers

• provide hands-on help with signing up for assistance from the State of Florida through ACCESS (food stamps, Medicaid and cash assistance) and TANF (emergency funding)

• answer questions and provide support

FSS Family Coalition

To support the families and children in our care, FSS provides an umbrella organization that offers valuable training and networking opportunities to foster parents, kinship caregivers and adoptive parents. We encourage you to take advantage of the programs offered.

We're Here for You

FSS Kinship Care Specialists are available to help you. They are just a phone call away:

Kathy Showers, FSS Kinship Care Specialist
(904) 265-8076

Cherie Shaw, FSS Kinship Care Specialist
(904) 672-4557

Family Support Services
(904) 421-5800

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