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Help is here when you need it!

To aid Florida families who are providing kinship care, the Florida Department of
Children and Families (DCF) ACCESS Florida Program has several options to provide
temporary cash assistance, food stamps and relative caregiver cash assistance.
Each program has its own eligibility rules, but you may apply for any or all of them with the
same application.

Please visit
for additional programs.

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

To be eligible for TANF benefits:

  • you must meet both financial and non-financial requirements
  • children under age five must be current with immunizations, and children age six to 18 must attend school
  • relative caregivers must cooperate with child support enforcement to identify and locate the parents

Relative caregiver assistance

Monthly cash assistance is available to eligible relatives who have custody of a child under age 18 who has been court ordered dependent by a Florida court and placed in their home by DCF.

  • Only the child's income and assets are counted when determining eligibility and payments.
  • Payments are based on the child's age and any countable income.
  • Monthly payments for children with no countable income are:
    • Age 0 – 5, $242 per child
    • Age 6 – 12, $249 per child
    • Age 13 –17, $298 per child

Non-relative caregiver program

Similar to the relative caregiver cash assistance program, you are entitled to monthly compensation for the child(ren) you are caring for in your home. Once the child(ren) have been adjudicated, your caseworker can assist you in completing the application.

Food stamps

Food stamps are available to families meeting federal total household income requirements.

If you have children placed in your home or if the children leave your home, you must report any changes within 10 days following the month of the change.

How to apply

Visit for applications and recertification forms.
Or, contact a Family Support Services kinship care specialist (below).


Call our FSS Kinship Care Specialists
Cherie Shaw • 904.672.4557
Kathy Showers • 904.265-8076

FSS Kids Central Service Center
904.421.5828 Mon.–Fri., 8 a.m.–5 p.m.
904.265.6804 after hours