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Performance Measures

The Florida Department of Children and Families monitors Community-Based Care (CBC) agencies in the achievement of performance standards for indicators of child safety, permanency, and well-being.

Child Welfare Public Facing Dashboards - The Child Welfare Dashboards include a home page that offers child welfare statistics at a glance where users can interface deeper into current and historical data relating to child welfare in Florida. Read memo from DCF here.

Quarterly CBC Scorecard A standard is set for each indicator and the colors green, yellow, and red are used to indicate the level of achievement for that standard. To see FSSNF scorecard, choose "CBC Lead Agency" for Entity Level and "Family Support Services of North Florida" for Entity.

Current Budget (FY19-20)

February 2020 Case Load Counts and Turnover Tracking

Historical Performance Measures

The percentage of required home visits completed for February 2020 was 99.82%.


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