Boutique offers resource clothing, maternity support in 32209 on appointment-basis

The Center of Hope at Emmett Reed is excited to announce the opening of Threads of Resilience, a new family boutique where 32209 community members can shop to meet their immediate and unexpected needs. The boutique will be open to receive community members starting Monday, May 20 at 9 a.m. by appointment only. Email to make an appointment at Threads of Resilience.

A partnership between Center of Hope and The Giving Closet Project and supported by the City of Jacksonville, the Threads of Resilience boutique will provide professional wear for parents and caregivers; clothing for children and infants; hygiene items; and a mommy-baby bonding area where new moms can further bond with their newborns, decreasing post-partum depression and increasing healthy parent-child relationships. Parents and caregivers are also eligible to receive diapers, wipes and much more. But the offerings go far beyond the material items, according to Center of Hope’s Executive Director.

“We all could benefit from extra support sometimes, especially our families residing in the 32209 ZIP code. This unique space will serve as a shopping experience and a respite for families, who are being served in real time,” says Jada Hunter, Executive Director of Community Reinvestment at Center of Hope. “Threads of Resilience isn’t a thrift store or donation clothing closet. It is more like a break for families where they can still get what they need. Think of when your kids are going to school but need a specific uniform, or if you get a call for a job interview but need the right clothes for that opportunity – that’s dignity you can wear, and Threads of Resilience can help alleviate some of the stress of these needs for our community.”

“This build-out was done with so much love and intentionally,” Jennifer Finnegan, Founder and CEO of The Giving Closet Project stated. “Center of Hope listened to the needs of the community, we collaborated and listened to them, and The Giving Closet Project was able to create this beautiful new space inside of Center of Hope at Emmett Reed. This is our first site within a community center, and we look forward to seeing the impact this space will have on families in the upcoming months and years to come,” Finnegan said. “We know Threads of Resilience will change lives for the better and give families a sense of hope for a brighter future. The community is already invested as they are the ones that named the boutique, which is what community is all about.”

Center of Hope is located in Emmett Reed Community Center, 1093 W. Sixth Street, Jacksonville, 32209. For more information about this and other Center of Hope resources and events, go to, or call 904-265-6787.


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