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    Family Support Services of North Florida
    1300 Riverplace Blvd., Suite 700
    Jacksonville, FL 32207
    904-348-3258 fax

    Family Support Services Nassau Service Center
    Case Management Services for Nassau County
    96016 Lofton Square Court
    Yulee, FL 32097


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    Hours for Foster Parents and Caregivers

    • Foster Parent and Caregiver Assistance – Normal Business Hours

      Family Support Services contacts during business hours

    • Foster Parent and Caregiver Assistance - After Hours, Weekends and Holiday Emergencies

      Family Support Services contacts after business hours

    Contacts for Programs and Services

    Foster Parent Recruitment and Adoption
    Michelle Weisheit, Director

    Licensing and Caregiver Services
    Tiffany Ball, Manager

    Child Placement and Behavioral Health
    Heather Lamb, Director

    Teens and Young Adults
    Maria OxfordProgram Manager

    Case Management
    Jennifer Pendergraph, Director

    Nassau Service Center
    Gwen Tennant-Evans, Director

    Family Preservation
    Carlos Cruz, Director

    Quality Management and Contracts
    Amanda VanLaningham, Director

    Myra Henry, Manager

    Human Resources
    Precious Hill, Manager

    LiveScan and Office Administration
    Stacy Grice, Office Manager

    Community Development
    Whitney Butler, Director

    Legal and Risk/Compliance
    Kenneth Barton, Assistant General Counsel

    Revenue Maximization
    Marie Lamb, Director

    Finance and Grants
    Marye Edenfield, Director