Family Support Services (FSS) recently launched the REACHing Teens initiative to address trauma experienced by teens in care, and to vastly improve services offered to them. But not even the coronavirus could hinder a committed group of 10 foster parents for teens from becoming our first graduating class for the training.

The 21-hour curriculum uses Critical Ongoing Resource Family Education (CORE), a curriculum developed by Spaulding for Children. CORE helps prospective and current parents raise older children with emotional and behavioral challenges.

Every Saturday, Sarah O’Neal, FSS’ senior program support coordinator, facilitated the class via Zoom. “We were the guinea pig for hosting online training,” she says. “Now, because of our success, other community-based care organizations want to learn how we executed it so they can implement the process in their areas.”

“This training was so, so helpful! On two different occasions, I found myself in situations with my teens that we had just covered in training. I’m not sure I would’ve been prepared to deal with the matter had I not had the training,” says one long-time foster parent. To register for training, contact Sarah O’Neal at (904) 200-7757.