Becoming an adoptive parent to a child or teen out of foster care means changing the direction of a life forever. Rebecca Reeder, a college professor and adoptive parent took a leap of faith and adopted her first son two years ago and is in the process of finalizing her second adoption this month.

Rebecca says despite the trauma her boy’s might have faced, her whole life now is giving her son’s their basic needs, love and support.

“We can’t erase their past,” said Rebecca. “They have been raised very differently and we have to do our best just to guide them where they should be.”

Adopting a child comes with many challenges; learning their habits, background, behavior, how they accept love and give love as well as making up for their past. Rebecca says what keeps her motivated is knowing that today there might be failure, but tomorrow there could be a very big accomplishment. “The secret is a lot of breathing and Coca-Cola! These kids need someone, it’s scary but it’s an adventure and as long as you look at it that way and not a fairy tale, you’re going to do great.”

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