If you have the heart for adoption, don’t let fear stand in the way. That’s the motto Jessica and Dwight Anderson now encompass after adopting two children. Eighteen-year-old Tiffany and eight-year-old Dante both have a very complicated past, but Jessica says that they didn’t expect it any other way when they started the adoption process.

“Both of our children are very talented,” said Jessica. “We knew as soon as they got home that they would flourish, but the key is setting realistic expectations. Just as adults have bad days, children can too. When you adopt a child you should expect to be pushed to your limits some days, be prepared for harsh words and expect that your child may take some steps backwards; but that doesn’t mean that your child doesn’t love you, their reactions are a result of fear.”

The Anderson’s say not overreacting to situations and taking advantage of post adoptive services have been their saving grace.

Through special programs at school and seeing different therapists, the two children are effectively learning to communicate with each other and their parents – despite their prior circumstance.

“Regardless of what you read about your child before you adopt them, put that aside. There is so much love and joy and they just want to have a family,” said Jessica. “They may tell you they don’t want a family and they don’t want to be loved but they do and deep down they want it.”

If you’re interested in becoming an adoptive parent, there are only five steps; attend an orientation session, complete Parent Resources for Information, Development, and Education (PRIDE) training View Schedule, complete a thorough home study, complete background, employment, and reference checks and get matched with a child or children. To learn more click here.